Spinal & Brain Injury

Helping Victims Fight for Their Future

Spinal or Brain Injury Attorney in Charlotte and the rest of the Carolinas

Recovering from a spinal or brain injury can be a life-altering experience. Depending upon the extent of the injuries, you may be facing the possibility of a lifetime’s worth of change and uncertainty — and a load of medical expenses that you may not be prepared to handle.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a personal injury accident that led to a catastrophic spinal cord or brain injury, call our firm for a free consultation. Since 1957, we have earned the reputation of fighting tirelessly for victims and their families.

We prepare every spinal or brain injury case as if it was going to trial, and we will not automatically accept an inadequate settlement offer. We are never afraid to challenge a legal decision that is not in our client’s best interest. We cannot guarantee it — no attorney can — but we fight for the maximum compensation possible in every case.

Fight for Your Future

A spinal or brain injury instantly changes the lives of the victim and his or her loved ones. Of course, there is no way to lessen the devastation or turn back the clock. However, personal injury accident litigation can help you and your family to cover the astronomical medical expenses you will incur as you go forward:


Hospital treatment and physical/occupational therapy are very expensive. Even if you have insurance, injuries like this can easily exceed the cap on your insurance coverage. Compensation can make all the difference between keeping your life intact and facing financial ruin.

Long-Term Care

Victims of catastrophic accidents are often left bedridden, paralyzed or mentally impaired. They may need round-the-clock care for years. You should not have to pay for this if it is someone else’s fault.

Future Earnings

Your loved one may not be able to work again. How will your family support itself? Will your children be able to go to college? We want to help ensure a bright future for your loved ones despite tragic circumstances. Even a relatively minor spinal or brain injury requires expensive care.

There is no reason you should face these challenges alone. Get your legal questions answered by setting up a free consultation. We have the advice you need, and we have the resources and experience to take your case to court with confidence.

High-Stakes Litigation

Cases like these are considered high stakes, which means the amounts awarded often exceed $1 million. They are the types of cases that insurance companies fight aggressively. We know the tactics they use, and we have what it takes to fight back and win.

Since 1957, we have been protecting Carolinians and have earned the reputation as a law firm that does not back down. And insurance companies know it. They know we are litigators who do not automatically accept low-ball settlements. They know we prepare cases for the courtroom. If you choose us, you can count on representation that is exceptionally skilled and a case that is carefully put together using a powerhouse of resources. Our dedication and passion for justice offer the best chance of success when the stakes are high.

Compassionate Representation

The Olive Law Firm handles cases of spinal or brain injury in Charlotte and surrounding areas. As a firm that handles claims for spinal or brain injury, we understand what you are experiencing. You can feel comfortable working with us, knowing that your case is being taken seriously.

Your questions are always answered, and our attorneys are always reachable. We keep you updated every step of the way. If you or a loved one has sustained a spinal or brain injury due to negligence, give us a call today. We are glad to discuss your case with no cost to you. And we only take a fee if your case is successful.

A Note About Compensation and Damages

Any discussion of compensation and pursuable damages on this site is for informational purposes only. Every case is different and must be evaluated separately. We do not represent that similar results will be achieved in your case.