Police Brutality

Helping Victims to Fight City Hall

Police Brutality and Excessive Force

Do you have reasons to hire a police brutality lawyer? Police brutality laws in Charlotte are very specific, and citizens have the right to file a case against any law enforcement officer who:

  • Uses unnecessary or excessive force
  • Physically or verbally abuses detainees
  • Commits any assault while dealing with citizens

The badge and gun do not give law enforcement officers an excuse to abuse their power. Every year, countless numbers of people have their lives affected by unconstitutional police or law enforcement conduct. Personal injury attorneys represent people in lawsuits involving false arrests, improper seizures, the use of deadly force, excessive force and assaults, and unconstitutional takings.

Examples of police brutality include:

  • Unnecessary use of Tasers
  • Unnecessary use of guns
  • Unnecessary use of pepper spray
  • Inappropriate use of police dogs
  • Beatings with fists, flashlights or batons
  • Choking
  • Unnecessary use of force such as slamming someone’s head against a car

Civil Rights Violations

Some of the most terrorizing forms of civil rights violations that a person can encounter come from the very police officers who are sworn to serve and protect us. If your civil rights have been violated in Charlotte, NC, you need an experienced civil rights lawyer on the case, fighting for your rights. Hiring our highly skilled lawyers ensures that you have a legal team on your side that has recovered millions of dollars for victims of civil rights violations.

Below are some examples of civil rights violations that you or a loved one may have faced:

  • False arrest
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Excessive and unreasonable force
  • Failure to intervene

Dealing With Police Misconduct

Laws restricting police brutality go beyond city police officers. They also include sheriffs, sheriff deputies, detectives and even security guards. When a law enforcement officer uses excessive force, this is a direct violation of your 4th Amendment and 14th Amendment rights. However, such cases can be particularly difficult to prove. You need to hire a law firm with extensive experience and the resources necessary to “fight city hall.” Highly qualified personal injury attorneys in Charlotte know how to aggressively seek compensation on your behalf.

Work With Charlotte Police Brutality Attorneys

The personal injury attorneys at The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC have experience successfully representing clients in cases of police misconduct. We are always ready to work for you and your family. We help you with quality representation, and when necessary, we provide legal assistance for Spanish-speaking clients. If you or a family member ends up injured as the result of law enforcement misconduct, call the offices of The Olive Law Firm for a free consultation with a Charlotte police brutality lawyer.