Hurt at work:  finding the best worker’s compensation lawyer

As a beauty salon cashier, I don’t really get to touch hairdryers, curling tongs and other equipment. When somebody told me that the best worker’s compensation lawyer is my only chance to get compensated, I did not understand. After all, I was told handling those tools was really not part of my job. One of the hairdressers needed help with a malfunctioning straightener so I quickly rushed to her rescue and we both got burns in our hands and arms. The beauty shop owner said she’d shoulder the hairdresser’s medical expenses but not mine. After I sustained injuries, I was even fired for minding another staff’s business. It was really traumatic for me considering that I only wanted to help another co-worker and ended up burned and unemployed.

I was luckily to have seen a workers comp case on TV which reminded me of the advice from an acquaintance – a personal injury lawyer could help me sort out what’s best for me. It was hard enough to get injured and lose my job; I could not find another right job away because of my injured hand. I did find a workers’ compensation attorney who explained to me what I needed to do, what can be done for me, and how he can help. It was so much easier to understand my situation from a personal injury lawyer’s point of view. I would have given up on my case if not for the new info given to me – I could file for wrongful termination from my job, claim damages for on-the-job injuries (even if it was not my job to used the equipment), and I can ask my ex-boss to reimburse my medical expenses and other costs related to the incident.


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