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What is workman’s compensation?

Unfortunately, most workers who are injured at work do not understand the process and procedures that need to occur after their incident. It is often by design that these companies choose to keep this information vague and limited. They know that it ultimately works in their favor when workers miss steps in the process. When you are injured at work it is your responsibility to inform your employer immediately, but you also should exercise your legal rights to representation that will insure that the system works in your best interests.

Taking the proper steps

If you are hurt on the job, no matter how minor it may seem, the process is the same and there are several basic things you must do. Failing to follow the established guidelines may result in the loss of your rights and benefits under Carolina workers’ compensation law. In the event that you are ever injured at work, refer to this basic list and contact one of the top worker’s compensation attorneys in Charlotte to insure that your rights are protected

1. Report the injury
Report any incident that causes pain or discomfort and that occurred while you were on the job. This also includes injuries that occurred after a long time such as soreness in muscles or joints from repetitive use, loss of hearing if you are exposed to loud machinery or noises. Report your concerns to your supervisor and the employee health nurse if one is available. Make it clear that your injury was caused by work or working conditions. Make the report as soon as possible after your injury, or when you noticed in the physical change. Be sure to keep notes regarding the specific date, time, and who your filed the report with.

2. Get a copy of the accident report and keep it in a safe place
If your supervisor fails to fill out an incident report, you must write a letter stating the facts surrounding your injury, and give a copy of the letter to your supervisor. The letter should be dated and time stamped, as a record of when you submitted the letter to your supervisor. Consult your attorney about the need to send the letter by registered mail so that someone from the company will sign a receipt for having received it.

3. Keep notes about all correspondence regarding your injury
This includes any communications with supervisors, insurance company representatives, doctors, nurses, and any other healthcare professionals. If your company is “self insured” for workman’s compensation, they may send you to an industrial health clinic. Be sure to make every appointment and follow the instructions given by the doctor. Be concise and detailed when you tell the company doctors how your work caused your injury. If you do not feel that the company doctor is caring for you properly, continue to follow his or her instructions and notify your worker’s comp attorney about your concerns and in order to determine your legal rights.

Consult a workmans comp lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Residents of North Carolina have been served by the Olive Law Firm as workers’ comp attorneys for decades. They have helped honest, hardworking people get the compensation and the treatment that they deserve after a work related injury. No matter what kind of work related injury you are dealing with, you need to know your rights. The Olive Law Firm has been helping Carolinians understand their rights and seek justice since 1957. Call their office and ask for a consultation with a worker’s compensation attorney.


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