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Undocumented workers make up an invisible work force that numbers in the millions, many of whom could benefit from the counsel of a worker’s compensation attorney. It is estimated that an astounding 8 million undocumented people are working for U.S. employers. These hard working individuals are doing everything from gardening to working in mines. Most of these undocumented workers are simply hoping to provide a better life for their family, and the desperation of their situation means that that they will work in almost any environment, doing any job. Unfortunately, they often end up doing work that is extremely perilous, or detrimental to their health. Unscrupulous employers not only use them to perform extremely dangerous work, they often work long hours for very little pay.

Resident status and worker’s compensation

Workers’ compensation attorney understand the laws, and they will explain to you that the resident status of an injured worker does not necessarily prohibit an injured worker from receiving worker’s compensation benefits. Quite naturally, undocumented workers are ultimately worried about the risk of deportation, therefore they are usually reluctant or resistant to even the suggestion that they report an injury. Beyond the financial gain of low cost labor, this is the main reason that certain employers hire them. The undocumented worker is at an even greater disadvantage when the primary cause of their injury is the result of repetitive trauma. In these cases, the outward signs of the injury are unnoticeable. These workers will simply continue to work through the pain until they are in so much pain that it is no longer possible for them to do their job. Undocumented workers should realize that a worker’s compensation attorney can help them if they have the courage to come forward. Their attorney will help them to understand when an undocumented worker hires a lawyer, that lawyer is bound by client/attorney confidentiality, and will never disclose the worker’s immigration status. Being that this is the attorney’s moral and legal obligation, the injured worker should not be afraid to consult with a lawyer in the very least.

Worker’s compensation lawyer or Worker’s compensation attorney in Charlotte, NC

Undocumented workers should be aware that the law provides them protection should they get injured at work. If you or someone you know has been injured at work, and if you are looking for worker’s comp attorneys who have years of experience; consider The Olive Law Firm in Charlotte, NC. Call their offices for a complimentary consultation in English or Spanish. It does not matter what kind of work related injury you have; you deserve to know your options. The Olive Law Firm has been helping Carolinians understand their rights and seek justice since 1957. Call them today to schedule a free consultation with a worker’s compensation attorney.


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