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Any worker’s compensation attorney will tell you that you cannot be fired for being injured on the job and filing a workers’ compensation claim. However, you can be terminated for other reasons; so many companies cloak their intention to get rid of you in legal terms. For example, your employer might contend that your dismissal is based on poor work performance or financial difficulties. This may be technically permissible, but it does not mean that it is right. “At will” employees can be terminated at any time as long as it is not a discriminatory or retaliatory act. The top worker’s compensation attorney advise you that if you are fired and it smells fishy, you should do something about it.

Document everything

Even if you do not suspect retaliation or discrimination, it is always to your advantage to collect and keep any documentation that is related to your injury and the job. This would include any company correspondence with you, medical records, prescriptions, and workers’ compensation claims. It is not prudent to throw anything out. Keep everything that sheds light on the situation, including the following:

  • Email or company notices about your absences before and after injury.
  • Discussions of the injury or medical conditions with doctors and human resources.
  • Performance reviews and evaluations before and after the accident.

Consult with a lawyer

As soon as possible, speak to a labor lawyer about in your situation. The worker’s compensation laws are complex, and there are statutory limits on the length of time you have to file suit for wrongful termination. Act immediately or you could lose the opportunity to fight for your rights. Look for the best possible attorney because the top attorneys take this type of case on a contingency agreement, and will not charge a fee unless you are awarded compensation.

Potential Damages

In the event that you are fired for your on-the-job-injury or for filing a workers’ compensation claim, you will be entitled to compensation if your case succeeds. The amount of damages compensated will vary depending on the facts of your case and your claim. One thing is certain, if you do not act, you will recover nothing even if you were wrongfully terminated.

Consult a worker’s compenstion attorney in Charlotte, NC

The Olive Law Firm has served residents of North Carolina for nearly six decades. They have helped honest, hardworking people get the compensation and the treatment that they deserve after a work related injury. No matter what kind of work related injury you are dealing with, you need to know your rights. The Olive Law Firm has been helping Carolinians understand their rights and seek justice since 1957. Call their office and discover worker’s compensation attorney that is aggressive, knowledgeable, and compassionate.


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