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Any qualified worker’s compensation attorney will tell you that it is difficult to find out what your rights are when you have suffered an injury at work. When you become sick or injured because of the conditions you were exposed to while working, you are commonly entitled to receive compensation. Like many different legal issues, work injuries are treated differently from state to state. However, even if you do not reside in Charlotte, NC there are some general similarities that apply regardless of your state of residence.

Workers’ compensation

Unfortunately, injuries in the workplace are extremely common. Although some industries and jobs are more hazardous than others, just about anyone can suffer an injury while at work. As a solution for rampant work related litigation, every state has developed a workers’ compensation insurance system. This is also known as workman’s compensation or workman’s comp. These programs require that employers carry workers’ compensation insurance or that they fund some sort of self insurance. In addition to the state programs, the federal government has a program that covers federal employees.

Illness and injury at work

Interpretation of workplace injury can be rather broad. You are covered whether you suffered the injury while at the workplace, on a business related trip, or if you became ill as a result of workplace conditions. You are entitled to receive compensation for treatment of your injuries, pay lost because of injury or sickness, rehabilitation costs, and any other related expenses. On the other hand, there are some circumstances where you may not be entitled to compensation. For example, if your injury resulted from you being intoxicated or you were injured when you were not at work. If you were injured because you started a fight, or from activities that are not part of the requirements of performing your job; you will very likely be denied a claim for compensation. Anyone who suffers a work injury should not make a determination based upon conversations around the water cooler. You should talk to a personal injury lawyer at your earliest opportunity. The laws of each state differ significantly, and they change quite often. Only an experienced worker’s compensation attorney can give you advice that is specific to your situation.

Consult a workmans comp lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Residents of North Carolina have depended upon the Olive Law Firm as workers’ comp attorneys for decades. They have helped honest, hardworking people get the compensation and the treatment that they deserve after suffering a work related injury. No matter what kind of occupational injury you are dealing with, you need to know your rights. The Olive Law Firm has been helping Carolinians understand their rights and seek justice since 1957. Call their office and ask for a consultation with one of their worker’s compensation attorneys.


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