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Car accidents during winter weather

Careless winter drivers keep Charlotte injury lawyers busy every year. Once winter hits, many people want to get out on the road to the ski resorts and other forms of winter activity. For some of us, we would rather be bundled up at home, but our jobs and other commitments send us out on the road in treacherous conditions. Snow, ice, and slippery roads lead to more accidents. While you cannot prevent the bad weather, you can practice safe driving habits that will reduce your chances of having an accident. Consider the winter driving tips below to help you drive.

Plan ahead

Be sure to check the weather report long before you leave, in order to be prepared for inclement weather. Sometimes rain at night means frozen icy roads in the morning if the temperature drops below freezing. Even if the forecast calls for sunny skies during the winter, you are well advised to carry items in your car that you may need if you are caught in bad weather. For example, you may want to keep tire cables, bottled water, and non-perishable food in event that you get stuck in bad weather.

Take your time to avoid auto accidents

It is crucial that you give yourself more time to reach your destinations during winter weather. Car accidents happen easily on slick roads, and driving slowly is your only option. Give the car in front of you more space in an effort to give yourself more time to avoid hitting them. Unfortunately, most motorists do not plan ahead, causing many of them to be in a hurry despite the obvious conditions.

Car maintenance

Making sure that your car has received regularly scheduled maintenance can make a big difference in the safety performance of your vehicle, especially in the winter. For example, making sure that your set of tires has sufficient tread will reduce your chance of spinning out or hydroplaning on rainy roads with standing water. Make sure that all your lights are properly working to ensure that you will be seen in foggy weather and in the late afternoon when the daylight hours are shorter. Every year during Labor Day weekend, it is advisable to change your windshield wiper blades so you will have new ones to get you through the winter season.

Charlotte injury lawyer provides compassionate representation

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