Car accident attorney in Charlotte, NCAvoiding that winter accident

Extreme winter weather means that car accident attorney will be very busy over the coming weeks and months. Even if the weather is severe, people will still try to get out on the road to the ski resorts and other forms of winter recreation. In the case of winter storms and blizzards, the general rule is that if your job is not a vital function such as medical workers, first responders, or infrastructure support, stay at home. For those whose jobs send them out on the road in treacherous conditions, you can practice safe driving habits that will reduce your chances of having an accident. Consider these winter driving tips below before you hit the road.

Plan ahead

Pay close attention to weather reports close to you home and at your destination. Rain at night could mean that there will be frozen, icy roads in the morning. You are well advised to always carry items in your car that you may need if you are caught in a snow storm. For example, it is important to keep traction devices, blankets, bottled water, and non-perishable food on hand, in event that you get stuck in bad weather.

Take your time to avoid auto accidents

Give yourself more a great deal more time to reach your destinations during winter weather. Car accidents can happen even if you are not moving. When the roads have snow and ice, driving slowly is your only option. Give the vehicle in front of you more space, this gives you more time to avoid hitting them. Always be on the lookout and give way to motorists who seem to be in a hurry despite the hazardous conditions.

Keep your car maintained

Regularly scheduled maintenance for your car can make a big difference in its safety performance during foul weather and in the winter. For example, your tires should always have sufficient tread. This will reduce your chance of spinning out, or hydroplaning on roads with standing water. If all your lights are properly working, chances are better that you will be seen in foggy weather, and in the late afternoon when the daylight hours are shorter. Every year before the rainy season starts, before Labor Day weekend, change your windshield wiper blades so you will have new ones to get you through the winter season.

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