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It is your legal right to hire a worker’s compensation attorney in order to get fair compensation for your workplace injury. You need a legal specialist because companies can make a tremendous effort to keep you from finding out what your rights are. When you are injured or become ill after being exposed to hazardous conditions on the job, you are entitled to receive compensation for your related medical costs and loss of income that is related to your injuries.

Worker’s compensation defined

Injuries in the workplace are an everyday occurrence. Some industries and jobs are more dangerous than others, therefore they have a higher incidence of work related injury, but anyone can suffer an injury while they work. No matter how valid your claim may be, employers want to save money for their bottom line, so many take the position that they will resist paying as much as possible. This creates and environment where employees actually need to sue employers in order to receive their rightful compensation.

Every state has some form of worker’s compensation insurance. Most systems are known as workman’s compensation or workman’s comp. It is mandated that the insurance covers everyone who is injured at work. It is a system wherein workers have the right to receive compensation for costs related to their workplace injury, and if they do not receive that compensation, they have the legal right to sue their employer to recover damages. In some states, including North Carolina, certain companies exercise the option to self-insure themselves against employee injuries.

Beyond workman’s comp

There are some cases where employees who have been injured at work can go beyond the worker’s compensation requirements for their state, and can sue their employer directly. There are a couple of situations that can lead to these types of lawsuits.

  1. Intentional or willful negligence

Employees are universally protected against negligence, as well as injuries that are the result of the workplace environment. In cases where an employer intentionally harms the worker, the worker can hire a workman’s comp attorney and sue the employer for fair compensation.

  1. Faulty products

A worker can sue when he or she suffers an injury because workplace equipment or machinery is defective in some way. These kinds of cases are notoriously complex, and requires the expertise of a personal injury attorney or firm that has ample resources. An example, would be when workers are exposed to toxic chemicals. They can sue the product manufacturer for damages directly, instead of seeking compensation under workman’s comp.

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