Why Might A Personal Injury Lawyer Turn Down My Case?

Posted: May 09, 2017

If you or someone you care about was injured in an accident, hiring an experienced Charlotte personal injury lawyer may help you recover the compensation you’re owed.

However, if you haven’t been able to find an attorney who is willing to take your case, you may be frustrated. Don’t give up hope. Even if one lawyer declined your case, other attorneys and firms may make decisions a little differently.

Factors Attorneys Consider Before Taking a Case

Of course, the underlying facts and circumstances of each injury accident will play a role in an attorney’s decision about whether or not to represent you. However, there are some general factors that personal injury attorneys typically consider when reviewing a potential case:

  • Whether liability can be proven. The success of a personal injury case depends, to a large extent, on whether there is enough evidence to show that the defendant can be held liable for your injuries.
  • The amount of potential damages. Some personal injury matters are frankly too small to pursue through legal channels. Attorneys deciding to take personal injury cases will want to know that if they are successful, they will be fairly compensated for their efforts.
  • The likelihood of being able to collect money. If the other party was clearly liable and the amount of damages is sufficient, an attorney will next try to determine whether you will be able to collect damages from the defendant if your case is successful.

Reasons a Personal Injury Attorney Might Turn Down a Case

When an attorney agrees to represent you in a personal injury matter, the case is typically handled on a contingent fee basis. This means that the law firm is not compensated unless it successfully recovers damages for you. Because of this, an attorney who has concerns about being able to prove liability, or about being able to collect sufficient damages to make his or her time on the case worthwhile, may not have an incentive to pursue damages on your behalf.

Some personal injury attorneys focus exclusively on certain types of injuries, or on only accidents with damages estimated to exceed a certain dollar amount. If your injury doesn’t fit within the firm’s model, it may decline to take your case.

Finally, the attorney/client relationship is important in any type of legal matter, but especially in personal injury cases where the attorney handling the case may need to work closely with you. Attorneys who have concerns about their ability to work together with a potential client, or concerns that the potential client is not being honest and forthcoming, may choose to decline representation.

How The Olive Law Firm Overcomes These Potential Obstacles

Charlotte personal injury law firm The Olive Law Firm handles a wide range of personal injury matters — including vehicle accidents, dog bites, product liability, civil rights, spinal and brain injury, workers’ compensation claims, wrongful death, trucking accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

While we cannot promise to take every potential case, we do promise to give every case thorough consideration. We are often able to take on matters that other attorneys declined to take.

We are committed to providing zealous representation for every case we handle — from start to finish.

To learn more about how a personal injury attorney in Charlotte, NC can help fight for your rights after an injury accident, schedule a free consultation with The Olive Law Firm today online or by calling (704) 377-9222.

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