Slip and Fall in Charlotte, NCThey happen anywhere

Slip and fall injuries can happen anywhere. You could be in a department store, at work, or at a sporting event. Every year there are thousands of injuries caused by slipping and falling alone. The reasons are as varied as the venues, everything from wet floors to uneven surfaces. If you are ever injured in a slip and fall accident that you believe is caused by another person, contact the best personal injury attorney in Charlotte, NC. Slip and fall attorneys help those who are wrongfully injured, by helping them obtain compensation for their injuries and suffering.

Determining liability

Determining who is liable for the injuries in one of these accidents can be a long and complicated process. In most cases, the owner of the location or an employee must have been the cause of the dangerous condition. In addition, they must have been aware of the hazard and neglectfully chose to do nothing about it. The issue can get very cloudy very quickly once and insurance company or attorney for the property owner tries to affix the blame on you. If you have recently been involved in a slip and fall accident, consider the following tips to protect yourself:

  1. Do not sign anything

Never give a statement or sign anything without your lawyer present. Homeowners, business owners and other property owners often try to get victims to sign a waiver releasing them of the liability for your slip and fall. This often happens to older people who are a little embarrassed about the fall or who are still in shock from the accident.

  1. Do not make any statements or admit to anything

If you say something, in front of a witness or a camera, you could inadvertently deny yourself a personal injury claim. Do not let anyone convince you that you are legally required to answer any questions about the fall to the property owner or their representatives. Do not say anything until you have consulted with your attorney.

  1. Get the names and contact numbers of witnesses

If you are aware of any witnesses to your fall, you will want to get their names and contact information. Try to document everything you can, by taking pictures or videos with your smartphone. You can even video a witness’ statement of what caused the accident. If the property owner tries to alter the scene, document what they did. This is important because in the coming days, weeks, or months it will be difficult to prove the circumstances of the accident.

  1. Call a slip and fall attorney

Your first step after getting medical assistance should be to call an experienced slip and fall attorney. They have the resources and the skills to help you build a case for your personal injuries.

Slip and fall injury attorney in Charlotte, NC

If you live anywhere in North Carolina, and no matter what your case involves, The Olive Law Firm has the skill and the experience you need on your side. No law firm can guarantee an outcome, but you can be sure that your case will benefit from thorough preparation and aggressive representation. The Olive Law Firm works tirelessly to help their clients seek justice. You deserve nothing less than to recover medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages to ensure a secure future. Call them today for a free consultation if you have been injured in a slip and fall, or any other type of accident.


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