Back injury in Charlotte, NC

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Lower back injuries

Lower back injury involves some type of trauma to the lower lumbar region of the spine. The lumbar is crucial because it is the area of the spine that is responsible for lifting and bending. Heavy lifting, repetitive bending, or standing for prolonged periods also commonly causes lower back injuries.

Back injuries are often associated with other injuries such as shoulder or hip injuries. They may also occur along with neck and spine injuries.

What constitutes a lower back case?

Lower back injury lawsuits are usually based the fact that someone was negligent. This is especially true when it comes to cases involving slip and fall cases. Other common reasons for back injury is incompetent back surgery, and car accidents. In these cases, your legal team needs to prove that the defendant is responsible for duty of care to the plaintiff, and that their breach of this duty caused the claimant’s lower back injury. The top personal injury attorneys gather evidence in the form of documents, hospital statements, bills, police records, and even wage stubs. Many lower back injury lawsuits are filed initially as worker’s compensation claims, especially if the injury was due to a job-related injury. In these complicated cases, additional evidence is usually needed to prove whether an employer may be held liable.

Types of compensation for lower back injury cases

Lower back injuries are typically remedied in court through monetary damages for costs associated with treating the injury, rehabilitation, hospital bills, and medication. Quite often, long-term therapy and physical rehabilitation is common for lower back injury. This is usually factored into the damages award. In addition, damages may also be required, for expenses related to lost wages, loss of future earnings or for pain and suffering.

Help with lower back cases

As we mentioned above, a lawsuit for a lower back injury can often be somewhat complex and challenging. It is important to understand that these types of lawsuits can involve physical conditions that may not be resolved for a long period of time. This is why you will need to hire the best lawyer for assistance with filing, reviewing, and litigating your claim. Your attorney is your only source for valuable legal advice and guidance throughout the process.

Personal injury attorney in Charlotte, NC

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