Need legal help from a trucking accident?  It’s time for a personal injury attorney

Accidents with big trucks can be one of the scariest accidents in a highway. If you’re driving a smaller vehicle, it’s like a horrible scene from doomsday movie. When some boxes fall from a truckload of huge boxes and block the road in an instant, even the best driver can have a panic attack and lose control of his car. My sedan swerved abruptly to the right and hit the highway wall.  The rest is a sad story. I can only remember that, after a week in coma, one of the first things that my wife told me was: “You were in a trucking accident and now need legal help.” Because I had rib and leg fractures, my body was wrapped in a cast for almost a month. I was fortunate that my wife decided quickly to consult a personal injury attorney who knows how to help trucking accident victims.

We were told that the driver, the hiring company or the hauling company can be held liable for the personal injuries I suffered. Clueless about the proper steps to take, we were blessed to have a personal injury attorney with a good reputation of being soft with clients but tough on those who are liable for accidents. It certainly pays to have someone on our side who can evaluate the case from all angles. Was the driver drunk? Was the truck overloaded? Did the people who loaded the cargo do their job properly?  These are some of the basic questions that my trucking accident attorney tried to answer. With an expert on my side, I am confident that I will be justly compensated for the medical expenses I spent, the wages I lost, and the pain and suffering I endured as a result of the trucking accident.


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