Product Liability

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Holding companies accountable in product liability cases

Product liability cases can be complicated and convoluted. If you have been injured or affected by a manufactured product, you need an attorney that has the ability to take on corporations. Your attorney must possess superior legal skills and extensive technical knowledge. You want an attorney that can rely on decades of experience fighting product liability cases. Your attorney must be competent enough to investigate everything from the conduct of the manufacturer to the design and safety testing of the product during its research, development, and manufacture.

The duty to warn

The attorney that you choose must have far-reaching experience in several types of product liability cases. One such type is called “a duty to warn.” Manufacturers are bound by law to warn against any type of potential harm that could happen as a result of the use of their product. An example would the law that mandates that household products and chemicals contain a warning about its improper use. This would apply to anything that is reasonably foreseeable. For example, most adults may not try to drink blue window cleaner, but it may appeal to small children. Therefore, the label should warn that the product should not be ingested and should be kept away from small children. Another example would be the warning label on plastic bags that states that they are not an item for children for play.

Manufacturing defects

Your product liability attorney should also be experienced in successfully representing clients in cases of manufacturing defect claims. When a product deviates from its original design or is designed with an inherent danger or flaw, the manufacturer is held responsible for the damages if the flaw causes harm to the consumer in any way.

Manufacturers may also be liable for defects that are discovered after the sale of a product. If the product manufacturer discovers that there is a defect in the product that causes harm, or even if they should have known about the danger, they are required to issue sufficient warning to the consumer. A classic example of this kind of case would be an automobile recall.

Wrongful death or injury

It is also important to determine if your attorney has experience helping consumers recover compensation for injuries and deaths that are caused by the defective designs of a wide range of products like pharmaceutical drugs, cars, trucks, and processed foods, to name a few. A product is considered to be recalled if it is found to be unsafe, as well as any similar products designed by the manufacturer.

Top product liability attorney in North Carolina

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