CMPD Animal Care and Control with the Great Bread Harvest Company recently had the 7th Annual Animal Kneads Day Fundraiser. The fundraising activity’s goal is to raise money that will go to Animal Care and Control’s spay and neuter clinics that provide free surgeries for pets whose owners need assistance in the sterilization of their animal companions. Animal Kneads Day raised nearly $17,123 with the help of businesses, organizations and members of the community.

One of the businesses that supported the fundraising activity is the Olive Law Firm. The Charlotte personal injury firm has represented clients in dog bites cases, which is why they value the importance of sterilization of pets to control overpopulation. By addressing pet overpopulation, the Olive Law Firm believes that pets will be more taken care of, which will then minimize dog bites cases in the community.

Aside from dog bites cases, the Olive Law Firm also represents clients in auto injury cases, battles for workers’ compensation, civil rights and many more. The Olive Law Firm is also very active in many community activities and events as they strongly believe in community involvement. For more information about their services and out-of-the-office activities, visit or call them at 704-377-9222.


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