Dog bite in Charlotte, NC

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Dog bites are common

Are you a victim of a dog bite or dog attack? If so, you are not alone. Every day in this country there are roughly 1,000 victims that require some form of emergency care or treatment for injuries received from a dog bite or dog attack. This occurs for many reasons, but the most common is the negligent or irresponsible ownership of aggressive dogs and dog breeds.

  1. Get dog owner information

After a dog attack occurs, it is important to get the dog owner’s name and contact information. If it is possible, take a picture of the owner and dog for future reference, especially if you are concerned that they have given you false information.

  1. Get contact info of witnesses

If there are other witnesses to the dog attack, be sure and get their names and contact information. Witnesses play a crucial role in substantiating your version of the dog attack. Especially if the owner has a different story.

  1. Get immediate medical treatment

If you are injured by a dog bite or dog attack, get to an emergency room or visit a healthcare professional as soon as possible. When you visit a doctor or the emergency room, explain how you were injured so that proper records are taken of your injury. If possible, get pictures of the wound immediately after the attack.

  1. Record all related expenses

It may be necessary to file a lawsuit for a dog attack/dog bite injury. Document all of the medical expenses associated with the treatment of your injuries. This includes any time that you have to take off from work. Medical expenses will include medical bills, prescription costs, and insurance co-payments.

  1. Report the dog attack to animal control

Promptly report the incident to local animal control authorities and/or to the local law enforcement. This is principally important if the dog did not have any tags, or you were unable to locate the owner.

  1. Check animal control records for prior attacks

Once they have been contacted, check with local animal control to see if there are any previous attacks documented involving the dog in question. That information could be very useful in negotiating with the owner, or winning a court case.

An experienced dog bite attorney in Charlotte, NC

A Charlotte personal injury lawyer will intervene when you are bitten, or are the victim of a vicious dog attack. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer with substantial experience with this type of case, consider the attorneys at The Olive Law Firm. They are skilled and qualified attorneys who have handled cases involving dog bites and attacks. If you or someone in your family has been injured by a dog or any other type of pet, you should speak with an Olive Law Firm dog bite attorney as soon as possible.


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