Winter is slip and fall season

Slip and Fall injury to a patient
Wintertime slip and fall injuries are one of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits. This is true all year long, but unsurprisingly, there is a hike in this type of accident when there are icy or snowy conditions. Accident attorneys consider slip and fall cases to be relatively straightforward in terms of liability because the liability usually falls on the owner or the premises or land. When a person slips, trips, or falls as the result of the property owner’s negligence; they are entitled to fair compensation for their injuries. In most cases, the premises owner simply needed to take precautions that would have prevented such an accident from occurring. Consider the following scenarios which often lead to slip and fall accidents in the winter.

Ice or snow outside a building

A property owner is not always required to remove ice or snow that accumulates on his or her property because as of inclement weather. However, failure to remove unnatural or dangerous conditions on the property may cause unnatural accumulations of ice or snow. The property owner may then be liable for slip and fall accidents. Consider the following:

• The owner lets ice continue to accumulate on the roof until the buildup melts and overflows because of clogged gutters. The runoff refreezes on the ground, causing icy sidewalks.
• The surface water in a parking lot freezes into ice patches, resulting in slippery surfaces that may cause individuals to fall.
• If a property owner elects to provide snow or ice removal, but he or she performs the service negligently.

Inadequate lighting

Failing to provide adequate lighting for an outdoor area can definitely lead to slip and fall accidents. It may be determined that inadequate lighting could make a slip and fall victim vulnerable to injury in the following areas:

• parking lots
• trips over curbing
• falls on a step or stairs to and from a parking lot
• trips and falls due to holes, cracks, and uneven surfaces

In each of these situations, a property owner may be found liable if he or she knew of the poor lighting and failed or refused to fix the problem.

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