I slipped and fell and now I need a personal injury attorney to help

Not all diner operators take the necessary precautions against accidents. That was the lesson I learned from my accident at a chain diner. Of course, they have wet floor signs and other stuff to keep customers safe but it doesn’t mean they have a good strategy for keeping the diner premises safe all of the time. Spills from coffee and water carried from the counter to the tables are common so it is expected that operators have already trained their crew on cleaning up as fast as they can.  It was a busy afternoon at the diner, when I slipped and fell on the floor in an instant. There was no warning sign at all near the area where I fell. Because it was quite embarrassing for a lady like me in a skirt and blouse to slip and fall, my only thought at that time was to rush to the ladies room.

Now I need a personal injury attorney to help me claim for medical cost reimbursement and other claims I am entitled to.  Two days after the incident I started feeling shooting lower back pains.  My doctor said I need to undergo a series of diagnostic tests. I am not bedridden or immobile but the pain comes and goes and really distracts me while working. My sister who was with me said she did see someone put a warning sign, mop the floor and then remove the sign right away – the reason why the diner manager said it was not wet. So it boils down to my word against the establishment’s word.  I heard an accident attorney can help me show that I slipped and fell because the floor was not properly cleaned at that time and that I can claim for medical cost settlement.


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