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Accident attorneys know that the stress and trauma that car accident victims experience might not become evident until weeks or even months after their car accident. The reality is that car accident victims are weighed down with issues that can be somewhat overwhelming. In the beginning, they are preoccupied with their health and with their recovery.

This is especially true if their injuries are extensive and rehabilitation will be lengthy, requiring months or years of physical therapy. If they cannot go back to work immediately, there is the constant anxiety of wondering how they will pay their bills and household expenses in addition to staggering and mounting medical costs. Car accident victims also agonize about auto repair or replacement costs, and how they are going to get a motor vehicle to take them to and from their medical appointments. Even if they are negotiating with an insurance company, you can be sure that if the insurance company or its representatives are unprincipled, they are making the situation look bleak, hoping for a quick settlement.

PTSD and auto accidents

One of the least considered and an unseen consequence of car accidents is that victims can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Most of people associate PTSD singularly as an effect of combat experience. However, anyone can develop PTSD after going though traumatic events such as sexual assault, serious injuries, car accidents, or any event in which there is a threat of imminent death.

It is a proven fact that some people, who have been involved in a car accident, are terrified of the idea of getting back into a car or driving for some time after an accident. On some level, they feel like they will never be the same again.

The anxiety that is characteristic following a car accident varies for every individual. For some accident victims, the anxiety is much more severe, which can lead to a diagnosis of PTSD. PTSD is identified by the following criteria:

  • A traumatic event with risk of serious injury or death to self or others
  • Persistent flashbacks or intrusive memories of the event
  • Avoidance of any simulation that will cause one to think of the event
  • Symptoms such as nightmares, sleep disturbances, chest pains, or inability to breathe
  • Negative feelings and mood swings
  • Significant impairment that renders a person unable to perform activities of normal life

Car accident victims with any of the above symptoms should seek treatment. It is documented that the symptoms can diminish over time, given the individual receives proper treatment, therapy, and medication.

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