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Worker’s compensation attorneys know all too well that physical injuries can lead to other serious problems. Most companies fight worker’s compensation claims, citing widespread abuse and fraud. However, statistics show that the actual number of injured workers who are frauds are less than 1%. Worker’s compensation is a safety net, and the average person has goals and dreams that cannot be accomplished sitting around on limited income and physical restrictions. That is why it is important to hire a worker’s compensation attorney to ensure that you receive fair and expedient treatment for your condition.

Unfortunately, many injured workers wait an average of 6 months to 1 year before going to a lawyer. Many workers never even consider an attorney until after they become frustrated with their worker’s compensation denials and delays in their medical care. Do not wait until you are denied benefits, and do not simply agree with the status quo because you see no other option. In this article, we hope to create awareness that delays in treatment, or insufficient levels of treatment can lead to secondary health issues. Your worker’s compensation attorney will make sure that you are being fairly compensated. Consider the following examples:

Exacerbation of high blood pressure

Delays and frustrations with the system, combined with the anxiety and stress associated with an industrial injury. Being injured, off work, and living with significant changes in your finances, are also potential contributing factors.

Development of diabetes

Your body’s ability to maintain normal insulin levels can be affected by certain types of trauma, sleep disturbances, and excessive weight gain.

Sleep disturbance

Sleep disturbances can be caused by many factors, primarily as the result of stress. You can also develop unhealthy sleep patterns as a side effect of medications, and chronic pain. Sometimes fatigue is a byproduct of a more serious condition such as sleep apnea. If your job deals with public safety, sleep disturbances must be addressed.

Anxiety and/or depression

The extended use of certain medications can lead to multiple problems. For example, depression is a side effect of many pain medications. Anxiety can cause involuntary responses such as clenching your jaws, or grinding your teeth while sleeping. This can lead to dental issues, or chronic jaw or neck pain.

Keep your attorney informed

Medications and delayed treatment of injuries can lead to secondary health issues involving the liver, kidneys, stomach, or heart. Your attorney knows this and can step in for you and help you get the fair compensation and complete care that is necessary to get you back on the job, and back to your normal lifestyle. If you, or a friend or family member has sustained an industrial injury, pay attention to changes in your health, and consult your worker’s compensation attorney. Changes in high blood pressure, heart related symptoms, sleep disturbance, or stomach problems may be connected to an industrial injury. The possibility exists that these health issues are related to treatment received as a result of the workplace injury.

Worker’s compensation lawyer or Worker’s compensation attorney in Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for worker’s comp attorneys who have years of experience helping honest and hardworking people to receive the compensation and treatment they deserve, consider The Olive Law Firm in Charlotte, NC. Call their offices for a complimentary consultation in English or Spanish. It does not matter what kind of work related injury you have; you deserve to know your options. The Olive Law Firm has been helping Carolinians understand their rights and seek justice since 1957. Call them today to schedule a free consultation with a worker’s compensation attorney.


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