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Childcare providers need to take careful steps to prevent injury in the childcare center, or there may be a need to hire a Charlotte injury lawyer. Injuries are the chief cause of death and disability when it comes to young children. Young children as a group are at a very high risk for injuries. Toddlers are the group that is most susceptible to poisoning. Preschoolers are the highest risk group for drowning, and school-aged children are highly vulnerable to pedestrian accidents. The most common denominator amongst injuries for children is the fact that they are most likely to be injured when they are not under proper adult supervision. An alarming number of childhood injuries are preventable. The following guidelines are a number of basic recommendations for preventing injury.

Indoor safety

Children are naturally curious, and they need the freedom to explore their environment. However, the family childcare home or day care center needs to be a space where children can explore their environment safely. This includes infants who may not be completely mobile but still need time and space to roll or crawl. This means that they should not be confined to cribs, high chairs, or playpens all day. Providers are responsible for setting up a safe area where they can play safely. Supervisors should perform a safety check each day before children arrive in an effort to ensure that the indoor space is hazard free.

Outdoor safety

Playing outdoors is an important part childhood development. There are certain guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure that outdoor play is safe. It is imperative that playground equipment be appropriately sized for children. Infants and toddlers should not have access to high platforms or tall slides. Playground surfaces should be soft enough to cushion falls. Cushioned ground areas should extend at least 72 inches beyond playground equipment on every side. Safe surfaces for playgrounds can consist of materials such as sand, pea gravel, wood chips, and shredded rubber. Dirt and grass are insufficient and unsafe surfaces for playground equipment. Additionally, play areas should be bordered by a fence of appropriate height, keeping children within the safe area. There should always be constant adult supervision during outdoor play.

Charlotte injury lawyer for daycare injuries

If your child is injured or harmed when entrusted to the care of a school or childcare center, The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC, may be able to help you pursue a case of childcare injury. You pay nothing unless you win your case. These institutions should be safe and reliable; however, there are cases where responsible parties can be negligent in their responsibility with your children. The Olive Law Firm is not afraid to stand up for your children. They make special effort to ensure that their clients are taken seriously. Call their office today for a free consultation with one of the Charlotte injury lawyers.


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