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The best wrongful death attorney in Charlotte, NC will tell you that coping with the death of your loved one is emotionally devastating. It can be even a greater sense of loss when their death occurred as a result of someone being negligent. The actual reality of taking legal action might be overwhelming, but wrongful death attorneys are trained and skilled at protecting your legal rights while you cope with your loss. No one likes to think about it, but if the time should ever come, you will want to depend on legal experts who are committed to making sure that the responsible parties are held accountable for their deadly actions.

Types of Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful deaths occur everywhere every day of the year. Some cases are easily apparent such as distracted or drunk driving; and many cases require complex and technical expertise that can break through a guilty party’s best efforts to conceal their unlawful actions. In every case, you want a hard working and skillful attorney who will relentlessly pursue your case in order to make sure that you have legal rights and compensation. Consider the following types of wrongful death cases:

  • Car accidents – Hundreds of people are killed in North Carolina every year because someone was driving while distracted, driving with road rage, speeding, or failure to obey the traffic laws.
  • Drunken driving fatalitiesPeople who get in their vehicle and drive while they are drunk or under the influence of drugs are making a deadly decision. Wrongful death attorneys are committed to holding them accountable for their decisions and their actions.
  • Motorcycle Injuries – Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable in North Carolina. If your loved one has been killed by another motorist while riding their motorcycle, turn to the legal experience of a top-North Carolina wrongful death injury lawyers.
  • Trucking accidents18 Wheelers andLarge trucks are involved in thousands of fatal crashes every year. You will need an attorney who has extensive experience dealing with trucking companies, and holding them responsible for the harm they have caused.

Who may sue for wrongful death?

A wrongful death claim is filed by an attorney on behalf of the survivors who suffer damage from the decedent’s death. These are sometimes called “real parties in interest.” Some of those people might include:

  • Immediate family members
  • Life partners, financial dependents, and spouses
  • Distant family members
  • All persons who suffer financially

Choosing the best wrongful death attorney in North Carolina

Wrongful death cases are uniquely complicated, and you need a lawyer with the knowledge and experience that can obtain rightful compensation for you and your family. With more than 56 years of trial experience in wrongful death and personal injury cases, The Olive Law Firm knows the law inside and out, and will put their knowledge to use for you. Call their office to talk about wrongful death in Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, NC, and the surrounding areas.


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