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Do not be intimidated by the situation

Choosing a personal injury lawyer is not an everyday task, and most people do not know the right questions to ask. You may seem hesitant at first, perhaps even a little intimidated, but you will discover that you just need to be honest about your situation and ask common sense questions. Your goal is to find a lawyer who has the experience to win your case, and just as importantly, someone whose judgment and advice you can trust.

The first step towards hiring a personal injury attorney is to schedule an initial consultation. The attorney will give usually 30 minutes or some pre-designated time to discuss your case without charge. This meeting is important for you to learn about the attorney, and for him or her to learn about your case and to give you some cursory advice. Spend some time thinking about any questions you may have, and write them down to ask the attorney. Be sure to ask each attorney the same questions to make a fair comparison. Try to think of questions that will help you get to know the attorney and help you decide if he or she is the right personal injury lawyer for your situation.

Background and experience

You have no experience with litigation or legal matters, so you want to find the most experienced attorney to represent you. Therefore, you should feel comfortable beginning the meeting by asking the attorney about his or her background and experience. Questions to consider asking include:

  • If the firm takes your case, who is the attorney that will represent me?
  • How long has that attorney been practicing law?
  • How many personal injury victims does the firm represent each year?
  • Do they handle any other types of legal work or just injury law?
  • What type of awards have they won for clients with similar cases?
  • What is their opinion and assessment of the case?
  • Is my case more likely to settle or go to trial?

Assessing personal injury attorneys

The last question is very important when determining your choice of attorney. Every attorney should be willing and planning to go to trial. Personal injury attorneys that talk only of settlements will be less likely to get you the best results. You need an attorney that is as willing to fight as you are. After you have consulted with personal injury attorneys, it is time to hire an attorney to represent you. Choose the personal injury lawyer that will keep you informed and will be available for your questions. Most importantly, look at their track record and choose the attorney that has the experience and professional skills necessary to handle your personal injury case.

Personal injury attorney in North Carolina

If you are looking for an attorney that will fight to win, consider The Olive Law Firm in Charlotte, NC. Too many attorneys agree to settle personal injury cases because it is an easier path. The Olive Law Firm does not believe that it is always in the best interest of their clients. You do not pay them unless you win your case, so go with a law firm that has proven results. Call them today for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.


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