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Common sense driving

Car accident lawyers are there to help us navigate the legal waters when negligent drivers and their insurance companies fail to fulfill their obligations when you have been injured. It would also be wise for safe drivers to learn a common sense approach to driving in an effort to avoid the dangers of the bad driving habits of others on the road. Not everyone is able to take a defensive driving class, so here are some great tips for defensive driving and a few safe driving techniques.

Never drive distracted

Distracted drivers are one of the most common causes of car accidents. Distractions such as cell phones, navigation programs, and even passengers need to be ignored whenever you are operating a motor vehicle. Studies have shown that even a split second of distraction can cause you to strike another vehicle or pedestrian without notice. Do not be the driver who says, “I never saw the car until it was too late.”

Drive responsibly

The one thing that new drivers and experienced drivers have in common is that driving is a great responsibility. Responsible driving means doing whatever is necessary to create the safest driving experience for you and your passengers. Examples include staying informed of weather conditions before you are on the road, making sure that everyone wears a seatbelt, and most importantly, limiting or refusing alcohol consumption.

Keep your vehicle properly maintained

If your brakes are bad, you will never be able to stop in time to avoid an accident. It is irresponsible to carry passengers or even get on the road if you know that your car is unsafe. Car accident attorneys are always representing passengers that are injured in a car accident caused by faulty brakes. Just as you need regular health checkups, your car needs regular maintenance. Make sure that you thoroughly examine your automobile for safety issues before you hit the road.

Practice defensive driving

Driving defensively will help you do a better job of anticipating and avoiding the mistakes of other drivers. It would be advisable that you actually take a course. If this is not feasible, insurance companies have lots of information to help you incorporate defensive driving in your approach. Additionally, most insurance companies offer a discount on their auto insurance premiums once you have completed a defensive driving class.

Car accident lawyers in North Carolina

If you ever need a car accident attorney who offers experience and aggressive representation, consider The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC. They have been dedicated to getting residents all over North Carolina the compensation they deserve for more than 57 years. If you have been injured in a car accident, you are probably worried about whether you will heal and how you will be able to pay hospital bills. Dealing with the difficulties of an auto accident will only get worse if your injuries necessitate that you are out from work. Call The Olive Law Firm and schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer.


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