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Communication with your worker’s compensation attorney

Communication with your worker’s compensation attorney is the most important aspect of your compensation claim. The top attorneys who have many years of experience representing injured workers understand that consistent and honest communication with the client greatly increases the chances for an effective claim, which in turn often translates into better service and increased compensation. The following are a few simple reminders regarding consistent communication with your attorney.

Always keep your attorney informed

Make sure that your attorney can always contact you. In our high tech environment of changing phone number and phones with limited plans, it is possible for an individual to have one phone number one minute, and then a new number and email address the next. If this occurs, it is important to promptly contact your attorney to advise him or her of the change. You never know if or when your attorney is under a critical deadline, so having quick access to the client is crucial.

Immediately advise your attorney of any changes

Even if it seems bothersome or unnecessary, be sure to pick up the phone or stop by to see your lawyer in order to advise him or her of any changes in your job status or health condition. For example, if you are fired, laid off, or suspended, this is critical information in which your lawyer will need to come up with an immediate plan of action. With regard to medical care, your worker’s compensation attorney will always want to know the status and any changes in your prognosis and your care plan. It is important to understand that your health status provides the framework for deciding the best course of action for your case.

Do not be afraid to ask questions of your attorney

The best workers’ compensation attorneys strive to create open, honest, and continuous communication with their clients. If you do not understand something that your attorney has explained, do not hesitate to ask for clarification or further explanation. A wise attorney also creates opportunities for his or her client to provide feedback regarding their feelings about a case. However, both the attorney and the client must foster a relationship in which there is immutable trust between the two of you. Remember, you hired your attorney to be the one to determine how to get you the best compensation so that you can focus on rehabilitation from your injuries.

One of the best workers’ compensation attorneys in North Carolina

If your work-related injury leaves you permanently impaired or disabled, you are probably entitled to seek compensation for present and future wages. Whatever your case is, you will want the most competent lawyer in all of the Carolinas. The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC, has been helping Carolinians seek their rightful compensation for over 56 years. Your consultation with an attorney at The Olive Law Firm is complementary. They urge you to seek counsel before you give any statements to an insurance adjuster. Call The Olive Law Firm if you need a worker’s compensation attorney in Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, NC, and the surrounding areas.



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