Locating a Charlotte personal injury attorney for product liability issues

Buying a car is exciting experience that gets better when you drive it home or around the city. Who doesn’t love a car that has been checked inside and out and then test driven thoroughly? After a few months of worry-free driving, what would you do if you find that one of its parts is defective? In my case, I almost lost my eyesight because of a defective airbag. You may not consider it a major accident that resulted in hospitalization for several months but frequent visits to the doctor and a huge medical bill were convincing reasons to seek advice. I was told, “This is a possible case of product liability and your personal injury attorney is the best person to evaluate your situation.”

Many of us do not have the experience and the knowledge of lawyers who specialize in personal injuries. You can’t cry “product liability” right away because you were injured due to the airbag’s flawed deployment. In my case, I found out that not a few people want to play lawyer and tell me to do this and that. Consulting a personal injury attorney was like going to an eye specialist. I was able to provide all the information needed for my case because my lawyer asked the right questions and knew what to do with my answers. Of course, my questions about product liability were also answered.

Proving who is to be blamed for a malfunctioning product can be very difficult. The manufacturer, store owner or even the product designer can be held liable. It is not as easy as returning a product for replacement. Going to a personal injury lawyer is the best move for anybody who suffers injuries because of a defective product.


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