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Stamp of approval to avoid product liability

When a drug or medical device is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, we assume that there will never be a product liability case concerning those items. The FDA places its stamp of approval on a wide range of medications, treatments, and devices every year, after a long and arduous process that tests its safety and effectiveness. What we do know for sure is that FDA approval does not guarantee product safety in every case. Statistics show that in 2012, nearly 45,500 patients died from adverse reactions associated with the use of FDA approved drugs. This number is astounding because it is almost the same number of people that are killed annually by homicides and motor vehicle accidents combined.

Product liability with popular medications

Another false assumption is that these medications are obscure and rare drugs but these drugs are used by millions of people every year. For example, there are not one, but two very popular anticoagulant drugs that are designed to reduce blood clots, providing therapy for people with heart disease. These same drugs are also high risk for possible hemorrhaging and excessive bleeding even when they are used as prescribed. There is a popular blood pressure medication that is used by an estimated 83 million people; yet, it is confirmed to have the potential to cause severe swelling of the face, lips, tongue and airway. This reaction is a side effect that has the possibility of being fatal.

Problems with medications can arise for so many different reasons. The problem could stem from the way a drug is manufactured. Sometimes it is because drugs or devices are contaminated during the manufacturing process. Sometimes the issue is not about the medication at all. There have been a substantial number of documented problems because of prescription errors, either by the doctor or on behalf of the pharmacist. In other cases, there have been problems created by the negligence of persons responsible for the administration of the drug. The stark reality is that no drug is guaranteed to be safe. However, personal injury attorneys have been instrumental in making sure that drugs with so many kinds of dangerous side effects must come with appropriate warnings that adequately convey the known risks to patients.

Top Product liability attorney in North Carolina

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