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Every respectable product liability attorney will contend that water is a fundamental resource, that is required for human survival. As our fresh water supply diminishes, we read and hear about increasing numbers of cases where water sources are contaminated by industrial activity, or by failure of providers to adequately treat the water. It is the job of government institutions on every level to ensure that this resource is available and safe for consumption. There are laws in place to set minimum safety standards. The fact that these laws are in place is not a guarantee that responsible parties will act accordingly. The reality is that consumers water quality is directly affected by the acts and omissions of public and private entities.

Drinking water sources

Drinking water typically comes from either surface water or ground water. Surface water is collected from rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Ground water is obtained from underground aquifers and are accessed by wells that pump it up to the surface. Generally, all water, regardless of the source, must be treated to some extent.

Health issues related to drinking water

There is always the presence of natural or manufactured contaminants in water sources. These contaminants can lead to consumer health problems including:

  • Cancers
  • Gastrointestinal illness
  • Reproductive problems
  • Neurological disorders
  • Skin conditions

The elderly, infants and children, and pregnant women are at particular risk for illnesses related to contaminated drinking water.

Lead in drinking water

Water that contains high levels of lead, can cause short term health problems such as abdominal pain, sleep problems, and fatigue. It can also cause health problems that are harder to link to water consumption such as high blood pressure, memory loss, and anemia. Lead poisoning can cause developmental problems in children, hearing loss, learning difficulties, and growth delays.

Germs and chemicals

Harmful germs and chemicals are commonly found in drinking water sources. These contaminants can be natural or man-made. The most common sources of drinking water contamination consist of natural occurring chemicals and minerals such as arsenic or radon. Over the last few decades, we have experienced exponential increases of contamination from the production and use of fertilizers, pesticides, and manufacturing facilities. In addition, there is an astounding presence of pharmaceuticals that are not removed by wastewater treatment, ending up in our drinking water supply.

Contaminated Drinking Water Liability

There are many different entities that must comply with various laws that regulate drinking water. When regulations are not followed, drinking water contamination can cause countless cases of illness and/or death. Due to the complicated nature of drinking water contamination, it is advised that you contact a personal injury law firm if you feel that you have become ill or damaged by contaminated drinking water.

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