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Product liability attorneys recognize 2014 as the worst year for auto recalls in U.S. history. Last year, more than one in five cars and trucks were deemed at risk of defects that were crucial or deadly. The disjointed recall system that has been thrown together by automakers and regulators is still leaving millions of dangerous vehicles on the road.

In October last year, federal regulators urged the owners of 7.8 million cars, to take immediate action on a recall for defective airbags that can blast out metal shrapnel. The defect has been attributed to a Japanese auto parts manufacturer; it has been linked to at least two deaths, and dozens of injuries to date. Unbelievably, those faulty cars and trucks were only a fraction of the problem as they were added to 50 million others cars that had been recalled nationwide in 2014. That is more than three times the number of vehicles that were sold in America in 2013.

Deficient recall efforts

If the recall efforts make you feel safer, consider the reality that car companies report a short supply of parts necessary to fix those defects, and safety regulators do not even agree on how many vehicles have the dangerous flaws. After milestone cases against General Motors and Toyota, automakers are taking note, and some are sounding the alarm over auto defects that they might have ignored at one time. The only thing that is really apparent is the fact that such activity is revealing the weaknesses of the recall system.

Launching these recalls is just the start of a myriad of problems. Drivers often run into a series of hurdles that make it a monumental task to get their car’s defects fixed. Consumer advocates point out that nearly one-third of all recall notices are ignored by vehicle owners. Auto manufacturers have been criticized for obscuring how severe the problems actually are. The letter that is sent to the consumer is the most critical factor in initiating a higher level of response. Advocates and watchdog groups complain that the auto companies send out a convoluted notice that does not convey the depth or scope of the danger.

Defective cars in our driveways

Adding insult to injury, defective cars eventually spread out into the used car lots and end up in the driveways of unsuspecting buyers. According to a leading vehicle history reporting company, more than 3 million recalled cars and trucks were listed for sale in 2014. There were 544 separate recalls announced in 2014; that is a staggering two recalls a day. Looking back, we will remember 2014 as the year of the automotive recall, yet even today, used car dealers and rental car companies can still offer and sell vehicles with recall level defects.

A Charlotte, NC personal injury lawyer

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