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The year of the auto recall from Product liability attorney

Product liability attorney have their hands full when it comes to issues related to auto recalls in the U.S. Over the past two years, an astounding one in five cars and trucks were deemed at risk of defects that were hazardous or deadly. There is no doubt that the recall system is still leaving millions of dangerous vehicles on the road, and consumers pay the price as more dangerous vehicles are added to the market.

Just last week, federal regulators added another 5 million cars, to a recall for defective airbags that can blast out metal shrapnel. The defect has been attributed to a Japanese auto parts manufacturer; it has been linked to at least eight deaths, and dozens of injuries. Unbelievably, air bag related faulty cars and trucks are only a fraction of the problem. This does not even include cars that owners purchased under false pretenses for vehicles that were supposedly in compliance with federal pollution laws.

Deficient recall efforts

The recall efforts are incredibly bogged down because of the revelation that car companies and service departments report a short supply of parts necessary to fix those defects. As we mentioned above, it only gets worse as safety regulators keep discovering that many more vehicles have the same dangerous flaws. Milestone cases against General Motors and Toyota have automakers and their suppliers taking note. This means that more manufacturers are sounding the alarm over auto defects that they might have ignored at one time.

Car owners are experiencing that it is a monumental task to get their car’s defects fixed. Consumer advocates point out that over 30% of all recall notices are ignored by vehicle owners. The letter that is originally sent to the consumer is the most critical factor in initiating a higher level of response. Advocates and watchdog groups have long complained that the auto companies purposely send out a convoluted notice that fails to convey the true depth or scope of the danger.

Defective cars on the lot

Defective cars eventually spread out into the used car lots and end up in the driveways of unsuspecting and uninformed buyers. According to a leading vehicle history reporting company, more than 3 million recalled cars and trucks are out there for sale. Even today, used car dealers and rental car companies can still offer and sell vehicles with recall level defects.

A Charlotte, NC personal injury lawyer

If you suspect that a dangerous car defect has caused the injury or death of a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorney you choose to represent your case will have a direct impact on its outcome. It is important that you hire an attorney with a long track record of experience and success. This is why the accident and injury attorneys at the Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC are also ready to work for you and your family. Call the offices of the Olive Law Firm for a free consultation with a North Carolina product liability attorney.


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