Dog bite in Charlotte, NC

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Preventing dog bites

It is important that everyone knows as much as they can about how to do your best in preventing dog bites Estimate for the dog population in this country hover around 70 million dogs. Millions of people are bitten by dogs every year, and it does not help that irresponsible owners create an environment where aggressive dogs are not properly controlled or monitored. Research shows that the majority of dog bites are preventable. Our hope is that everyone who owns a dog realizes the full responsibility of such ownership, but the reality is that many dog owners leave their dogs unsupervised, or subject their dogs to conditions that escalate the possibility of their dog biting someone. Consider the following tips that can reduce your chances of suffering a dog bite injury:

  1. Approach a dog carefully when greeting it

There is a proper and safe way to greet a dog. Never stick your hand in the dog’s face. It is also advisable that you refrain from patting the dog’s head. Do not stare a dog in the eyes, it may see this as a challenge. All of these gestures can be interpreted by any dog as a threat, or an act of aggression. When greeting a dog, stand in a non-threatening way. Slightly turn your side or back towards the dog. You should not approach the dog; let the dog come up to you.

  1. Give dogs space when they are agitated or fearful

Dogs are very good at expressing their emotions through body language. Look for signs of a dog being upset or anxious such as: cowering, furrowed brows, ears tucked back, pacing, or moving away from people in the area. Beware if a dog turns its head quickly when hearing different sources of noise. Teach children to stay away from strange dogs, and explain the warning signs of a stressed or unhappy dog, and tell them when it is safe to play with a dog. Dogs have good days and bad days, just like we do. Dog owners should always supervise their pet when children are around, even if the dog has been a family pet for years.

  1. Pay attention to stressors

Be aware that loud noises such as fire crackers or loud cars can set a dog on edge. Normally docile dogs can often bite as the result of an accumulation of stressors that have pushed them to their breaking point. Pay attention to disruptive events such as strange people in the house or kids climbing on the dog.

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