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North Carolina personal injury lawyers know that the streets and roads of Charlotte are becoming increasingly more dangerous for bicyclists. Charlotte is like any other big city when it comes to transportation. Individuals are discovering that biking is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to get around. Charlotte and other cities have been making concerted efforts to make commuting easier for cyclists. However, there are times when the relationship between bikers and motorists can become precarious and even hostile at times.

The conversation should not start with who is right or who is without fault. Both participants see the road from significantly different perspectives, but if everyone can make safety their first priority, it will help to save lives.

Bike safety

Quite often, conflict and unsafe situations arise when cyclists fail to remember that they fall under the same rules as motorists. Making sure that you are seen and in your designated lanes may mean making changes to their cycling habits, which includes the following:

  • Stop for red lights and stop signs.Otherwise, bike commuters should dismount and proceed through crosswalks in the same direction as pedestrian traffic. But on the road and bike lane, they must stop at intersections along with motor traffic.
  • Use hand signals. Bikers should learn and use hand signals because drivers need to know when they are preparing to turn or stop.
  • Do not impede traffic. Bicycles that travel slowly should make every effort to stay out of the normal flow of traffic. Staying safely to the right, or in a bike lane if available, is the surest way to accomplish this.

Driver safety

Drivers need to do their part in making sure that the roads are safer for both drivers and bikers. Motorists should incorporate safe driving practices such as:

  • Paying close attention. Before backing out of driveways, making turns, or changing lanes check carefully for cyclists as well as pedestrians.
  • Avoid aggressive behavior. Most drivers understand that it is unsafe to bump or crowd another motor vehicle; they should understand that doing the same to a cyclist is even more dangerous.
  • Respect the bike lane. When there are dedicated lanes for bike traffic, do not use them to pass other drivers. Leave these lanes for their intended use.

A few outliers will likely always exist, but cyclists and motorists should understand that the majority of those that share the road try to do the right thing. Make safety your first priority and the end result will be a safer roadway.

A Charlotte, NC personal injury attorney

It is important to remember that no matter how safe you try to be, negligent and irresponsible people are all around you. This is why the accident and injury attorneys at the Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC are also ready to work for you and your family. If you or a family member ends up injured as the result of a negligent motorist, call the offices of the Olive law Firm for a free consultation with the top personal injury lawyers in North Carolina.


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