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Personal injury attorney wants you to be informed about the risks of mixing holiday cheer and driving a motor vehicle. It is easy to understand the desire to make merry during the holiday season, but with that freedom comes the responsibility to be safe. We want offer tips to help you avoid making the mistake of driving while impaired. The majority of Charlotte motorists understand how important it is to drive sober, and the key to avoiding this lapse in judgement is to make all your decisions when your mind is clearest. In other words, plan ahead. Even if you are not considered legally drunk, you take a big risk because you are driving when you are not at your most alert level.

Impaired driving

Recent studies have concluded that no amount of alcohol in the bloodstream can be considered safe. In fact, drivers with a blood alcohol content as low as .01 percent had a 46% higher chance of causing an accident, as compared to motorists who were sober. This means that the average adult male who drinks a 6-ounce beer, is at a higher risk of causing an accident. Although it is perfectly legal to drive with a .01 percent blood alcohol content, these drivers significantly increase their chances of being in or causing an accident. The frightening revelation is the realization that a .01 percent blood alcohol content is barely felt by a motorist. They are convinced that they are still capable of driving. Consider our following tips to make your holiday celebrations safer:

  • Plan when are you going to drink

If you know that you are going to drink, arrange for transportation ahead of time. Have a friend, family member, or a taxi service pick you up after the party.

  • Keep an emergency speed dial or text handy

Send a text to a trusted friend or family member, to have them call and check on you at a specific hour. You can also send a time delayed text to a person who will be available to drive you home.

  • Go to the party with someone trustworthy

This person is someone who you trust to help you keep your head together. It is possible that their presence may even help you to drink less.

  • Keep a taxi service on hold

If you have no one to pick you up, reserve a taxi driver, or one of the share ride services.

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