North Carolina’s top personal injury firm recently took on a pro bono case involving two children who were severely injured in a vehicular accident. Olive Law Firm’s attorneys are representing the children without charging any fees with a goal to bring justice to the victims and their family as well as to put a halt to irresponsible driving.

It is a known fact that car accidents are one of the leading deaths in the United States. In North Carolina, there was over 100,000 injuries from more than 200,000 vehicular accidents in 2011 alone. The attorneys at Olive Law Firm believe that this can be reduced if all motorists will abide by traffic rules.

Olive Law Firm has been representing clients for 56 years. The firm specializes in auto accident injuries, personal injury, workers’ compensation and civil rights. By taking on this pro bono case, the attorneys of Olive Law Firm hopes to teach irresponsible drivers a lesson, which can save hundreds of lives.

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