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Car accidents that are no accident

Car accident lawyers in Charlotte, Raleigh, and other crowded areas have observed that as traffic congestion has increased, so has the number of road rage incidents. Driving–or sitting in bumper to bumper traffic–can be difficult for the most level-headed motorist. Some cannot or will not react with patience, but they will act out with belligerence and outward aggression. Regardless of the conditions on the road, there is no excuse for the negligent disregard for the safety of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Describing road rage

Charlotte car accident lawyers point out that nothing can be achieved by playing the road rage game with another driver. The best course of action is to let him or her go their way in an effort to avoid further conflict that might lead to a car crash, personal injury, or a fatality. Police and safety advocates have identified potential signs of road rage.

The most obvious among many acts are actions such as aggressive acceleration or following dangerously close to another vehicle, constantly flashing headlights, or intentionally slamming the brakes in front of another vehicle. In addition, these drivers will commit unsafe lane changes and cutting off other drivers. They also may also resort to incessant honking, crude or demeaning hand gestures, and yelling at other drivers.

Accident attorneys and road rage cases

Car accident attorneys represent victims of road rage involving every type of vehicle including cars, commercial trucks, and motorcycles. They are experts at investigating these cases to help innocent victims recover the cost of emergency room care, hospitalization, and many other expenses that are related to their accident. The best personal injury law firms prepare their cases with the full intent of going to trial in order to prove the actions of the negligent driver. The most experienced attorneys have the resources to reconstruct accidents to determine whether accidents are caused by distraction, reckless driving, or road rage.

Get as much information as possible

If you are involved in a road rage-related collision, try to obtain as much information about the crash as possible. If your accident is a hit and run, write down the year, make, and model of the car driven by the offending driver. Gather as many other details as possible, such as events leading up to the crash and a description of the driver to report to the police or state patrol.

Speak to a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC

The personal injury lawyers at The Olive Law Firm are ready to assist car accident victims and their families. If you have been hurt in a road rage or a hit-and-run accident, their legal team will work very hard to ensure that your medical expenses and lost wages will be covered. Please give them a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. You will be glad you spoke with a car accident lawyer.


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