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Technology and driving safety

Car accident attorneys help the victims of countless car accidents that occur every year. In an effort to make auto travel safer, the government has begun to speed up research on technologies that prevent accidents. Three of such new technologies are collision avoidance systems, seat belt interlocks, and driver alcohol detection systems. These technologies are designed to address the most prominent highway safety threats that lead to injury and deaths.

Seatbelt Interlocks

This technology is designed to prevent a vehicle from being driven if the driver and passengers are not properly buckled. The current debate is whether to make this technology mandatory, or voluntary. This is old technology that was abandoned decades ago because of consumer displeasure. Every year, more than 3,000 people are killed in crashes could authorities determine were survivable if the drivers or passengers had been wearing a seatbelt. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has begun research to ensure that modern seatbelt interlocks would be tamper-proof and highly reliable.

Driver Alcohol Detection System

The Driver Alcohol Detection System is designed to prevent a vehicle from being driven by a drunk or alcohol impaired driver. The NHTSA and the automotive industry have invested in long-term research for this technology; and will now begin working on the legal and public policy issues to ensure that when it is implemented by manufacturers, there are no impediments to consumer acceptance. The goal is to develop a system that will accurately and reliably detect when a driver is above the legal alcohol limit. 10,322 people were killed in drunken driving crashes in 2012. There is no doubt that such technology could save thousands of these victims every year.

Forward Collision Avoidance Systems

This is a sensor-based vehicle technology that can prevent a forward crash with another vehicle or pedestrian before it occurs. Some systems that are being tested are automatic, while others operate by alerting the driver to take corrective action to avoid the crash. In 2012, over 30% of all reported crashes involved a rear-end collision with another vehicle. In addition to saving millions of dollars in insurance and medical costs each year; countless auto accident injuries will be prevented and thousands of lives will be saved.

A reputable car accident attorney in Charlotte, NC

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