A Thanksgiving Feast was recently held for Thompson Child and Family Focus residents. Many businessmen in North Carolina attended. One of the supporters of the feast is Mr. Lee Olive of Olive Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in Charlotte, NC. Thompson Child and Family Focus is a non-profit organization that operates three campuses that provide education, treatment and care for children from birth to 18 years of age. The non-profit organization work with children who are fragile, bruised or broken with the goal to help them heal and move on from their bad experiences in the past. It aims to be a home where children will feel safe, strong, happy and loved.

Thanksgiving Feast for Thompsons Child and Family Focus -1

Aside from representing clients in personal injury cases in North Carolina, Mr. Lee Olive is also very active in community-centered activities like the Thanksgiving Feast for Thompson Child and Family Focus. This is his way of giving back to the community in the hope to mold better individuals that are compassionate and successful.



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