Every year, over 400,000 babies are born with AIDS. A significant number of adults are also already infected or at risk of infection. As a response, The Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride Twenty-Thirteen came up with a vision of an AIDS-free future.

The group’s vision turned into a real project, which is now known as The SMART Ride. 2013 marks the 10th year of The SMART Ride. The organization hopes to raise awareness to prevent the spread of AIDS and help those who are infected or at risk of infection. All funds raised in the event will go to AIDS service organization, which will be in charge of directing the money to education, prevention and direct services.

Bikers on The SMART Ride

On the 10th year of The SMART Ride, Mr. Lee Olive, along with teammates Bill Sweezy and Mike Landis, went on a two-day ride from Miami to Key West (a total of 165 miles) for AIDS awareness. Lee Olive, an attorney of Olive Law Firm, raised a total of $1,250 in the ride.

Lee Olive Joins The SMART Ride The SMART Ride 2013
Aside from representing clients in personal injury cases, Mr. Lee Olive, an attorney at Olive Law Firm, has always been an active participant in community activities. He strongly supports the improvement of communities through fund raising activities that he put all his heart into. The SMART Ride is just one of the many fund raisers he joined this year.

2013 The SMART Ride

For more information about Lee Olive and all the activities that he and his colleagues at Olive Law Firm, visit http://www.olivelawfirm.com.


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