Last month, the Good Fellows club held their Annual Holiday Luncheon with an attendance of over 1,400. The luncheon raised roughly $397,000, which will go to working families in Charlotte who need assistance, but do not reach the criteria set by other charities and agencies.

Although the luncheon did not reach the $400,000 mark they set, Club President Frank Dowd is still very happy with the record-breaking attendance and amount this year, with a $50,000 increase from the previous luncheon. He thanked the combined effort of Good Fellows and Good Friends, which is the all-female counterpart of the club, in encouraging younger members to join.

The luncheon was attended by many prominent names in Charlotte, such as Governor Pat McCrory, Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe and Duke Energy Chairman Jim Rogers. Among the many business and civic leaders that joined is Olive Law’s Lee Olive who was very happy to take part in a charity that truly helps those who are in need.

Lee Olive with Good Fellows

The Good Fellows Club began 97 Christmases ago in a men’s Sunday school class at Second Presbyterian Church. The small group of good-hearted men later on evolved into the charity that it is now with over 1,700 supporters.



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