Product Liability for using lipstick with lead

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Lead found in hundreds of popular lipsticks that creates a serious product liability

A Charlotte personal injury attorney warns that lipstick may be the next product liability issue for consumers. According to a recent study by the Food and Drug Administration, lead has been detected in over 400 popular brands of lipstick. Although the agency disagrees with consumer activists on the level of danger posed by their findings. The highest level detected in lipsticks was 7.19 parts per million. This seems paltry with federal regulations capping children’s products with a 100 parts per million.

Cosmetics are unregulated

The concerns are relevant because lead levels in cosmetics are unregulated. This means that there is always a possibility of lead levels to increase from batch to batch or even in a formula change without any notice given to consumers. The FDA claims that the lead levels in lipsticks are safe, and they pose no health concerns. Price level does not factor with regard to the level of lead contamination. The lipstick with the lowest lead levels was also the least expensive. However, consumer watchdog groups such as The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics disagree. The group contends that there is no safe or acceptable level of lead in any products. Additionally, lead can build up in the body over an extended period of time, which means that even a small amount of regular exposure can be harmful.

How much lead is safe?

The key issue for consumers is that there is no regulation and no set standards. Watchdog groups are imploring the FDA to establish manufacturing standards which will limit the amount of lead and chemicals in cosmetics. Without these types of regulations, consumer advocates argue that manufacturers may use any chemical i6n any amount for the production of lipstick. Furthermore, the Center for Disease Control disagrees with the FDA and states that there is no amount of lead exposure that is safe for children. Consumer advocates want manufacturers to completely remove lead from their products, so that pregnant mothers and children are not subject to exposure. However, with the two sides debating the scientific findings, with no foreseeable regulation on the horizon, and even the standards set lacking true enforcement, manufacturers are free to disregard the request. You would think that regardless of regulation, the natural response would be to take the most cautious approach. Unfortunately, as has always been the case, manufacturers will be slow to move on limiting lead levels until someone is injured, or hurt by the usage of faulty products.

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