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How do I recover damages from auto accident injury as a passenger?

Recovering damages for a car injury as a passenger should only be handled by a personal injury attorney. Then your attorney will begin the process of recovering damages from the person and parties that are at fault. This can be complicated, requiring extensive investigation and reconstruction of the accident.

Passengers are injured in car accidents all the time in North Carolina. The most common scenario is that a passenger, riding in a car is injured when the driver causes a car accident. When this occurs, the confusion begins when the driver is a friend, which can leave the passenger confused about how to recover compensation for the harm they have endured. The driver is required to have an insurance policy that should pay for the full amount of medical expenses, and lost wages that you experience in the wreck.

Help for injured North Carolina car passengers

If you are passenger in a car that is involved in an accident, a car accident attorney can explain your legal options, which may include taking action against the driver who caused the accident. Your attorney may advise you to take action against the driver of the car you were traveling in. In most cases, this means filing a claim against the driver’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. If the driver is a friend, your natural tendency is to be hesitant about taking action, but you should not worry because your friend has been paying insurance premiums specifically to cover this kind of situation.

Help from car accident attorneys

Insurance companies will often try to deny claims by accusing the passenger of contributing to their injuries. For example, they will try to turn the table on the passenger for getting into a car with a person whom they knew had been drinking. Charlotte accident lawyers have the experience to counter unjustifiable claims by insurance companies, and they work tirelessly to make sure that you are fairly and completely compensated.

Passengers, who have been injured in a car accident, may be entitled to receive damages that cover their medical expenses, lost past and future income, pain and suffering, and any punitive damages that are allowed by law. If you are the survivor of a loved one who passed away in the car accident, you may need to file a case for wrongful death. You may also be entitled to receive compensation for the loss of care and companionship.

A Top rated accident attorney in Charlotte, NC

If you have been injured in a car crash, contact a skilled auto accident attorney and obtain legal counsel. The attorneys at The Olive Firm have been helping accident victims and their families recover damages for over 50 years. They have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of their clients, and stand ready to go to court in an effort to help pursue the maximum amount of compensation. When you contact The Olive Law Firm, rest assured that your attorney will be compassionate, understanding, and skilled enough to be the representation that you deserve. You do not need to settle for whatever the insurance companies decide to offer. Are you injured in an accident, contact their office today so a personal injury attorney can review your auto injury case.


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