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A top injury attorney in Charlotte wants everyone to be careful when they get behind the wheel this spring. You would probably think that the concern is that people will drive their sports car too fast, but the exhortation is to be careful when you get behind the steering wheel of a golf cart. Rollover accidents that involve golf carts are quite common. Many of these accidents result in severe injury to the drivers and passengers.

Golf cart rollover accidents can even cause a fatality, in accidents where drivers or passengers are ejected. Statistics reveal that from 1994 to 2014 there were 147,696 individual incidents of injury while on a golf cart. These statistics do not include fatalities from golf cart rollovers.
The amount of golf cart related injuries is not decreasing. Recent statistics show that in 2013, there were approximately 13,000 ER visits as a result of golf cart related accidents.

Golf cart design

Golf cart rollovers usually occur while the driver is moving downhill, and subsequently loses control of the cart. Another factor is the design of the golf cart itself. Industry standards typically dictate that golf carts are equipped with brakes only on the rear axle wheels. This design, dramatically reduces braking ability, and also causes the vehicle to “fishtail” when the brakes are applied hard. Golf cart design makes it risky for drivers to make any quick or evasive maneuvers in an effort to stabilize the vehicle. Additionally, golf course designs include gravel cart paths featuring sharp turns or steep grades, which can significantly contribute to rollover accidents.

Other contributing factors

Drivers of golf carts must remember that golf carts do not have sophisticated suspension systems like cars do. So when you come upon Tee boxes and golf greens that feature steep grades or rolling contours, you must be extra cautious when driving on or around them. Likewise, passengers that are left in a parked gold cart on a hill or slope are at risk for golf cart rollover injuries. When riding in a golf cart, passengers should refrain from resting their feet on the dash of the cart, or on the seat in front of them.
Another major factor that can lead to severe injury is the use of alcohol by the driver.

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