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Charlotte injury attorney is on the front line when it comes to being an advocate for bicyclists who suffer injuries in a crash. We are keenly aware of the significant role that a bicycle helmet can play in helping to avoid catastrophic injury. Studies have shown that bike helmets significantly prevent or minimize head injuries during a spill or when a rider is hit by a motor vehicle. In addition, your decision to wear a bike helmet will be highly instrumental in helping your injury attorney to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for your damages.

The helmet discussion

Opponents of bicycle helmet laws have been strident in their position. There has always been a serious debate regarding the safety factor of using a bike helmet, as well as the civil liberties of riders who choose not to wear one. They purport that any benefit to wearing a bike helmet, is offset by a false sense of security that bicyclists feel when wearing helmets. They purport that cyclists who wear helmets engage in riskier behaviors, and ride with greater speed. There is no scientific data or study to support this argument. Cyclists who wear helmets do so because they understand the inherent danger of riding a bike in traffic.

Helmet safety in North Carolina

In seems more logical that those who wear safety equipment are generally more safety conscious. Wearing bike helmets does not encourage risky behavior any more than seat belts or air bags cause motorists to engage in risky behavior. Any healthcare professional willingly points out that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury in a crash. Studies by the National Transportation Safety Board reveal that wearing a helmet decreases the risk of head injury by up to 85%. According to the Center for Disease Control, bicycle helmets reduce the risk of brain injury by 88%, and facial injury by 65%. It is not surprising that North Carolina requires that cyclists under the age of 16 wear a bicycle helmet on public roads, public paths and public rights-of-way.

Helping with litigation

Helmet use is a decisive factor to determine damages if you are involved in a bicycle related crash. Especially if you end up with a head injury or traumatic brain injury. Not wearing a helmet could be used against you in litigation, even if you are over18 years old and are not mandated by law to wear a helmet. In North Carolina, as in many states, a jury is allowed to consider the fact that your failure to use safety equipment such as a helmet; and may determine if this caused or contributed to the injuries you suffered in your crash.

Even if the other party is at fault, you may be found to be partially responsible for your own injury. This can result in a significant reduction, or elimination of your ability to recover damages. Even if your accident attorney gets you the maximum compensation possible, there is no real compensation that can remove the lasting consequences of traumatic brain injury. Protect yourself and your family’s future by wearing a helmet whenever you decide to ride your bike.

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Hiring a personal injury attorney is essential if you want the best possible compensation after your accident. Attorney Lee Olive, or Attorney Whitney Brooks of Charlotte, NC has decades of experience fighting for the rights of injured victims. They have earned a reputation as a trusted and compassionate Firm that prepares to take every case to court in order to obtain the best possible outcomes for their clients. If you want the best representation available, then call the office of The Olive Law Firm for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.


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