Injury attorney offers survival tips for commuters

Posted: September 15, 2016

The top injury attorney in North Carolina knows that the streets and roads of Charlotte are becoming increasingly more dangerous for commuters, especially bicyclists. Charlotte is like any other major city when it comes to urban sprawl and danger on the roadways. There is no doubt that using a bike to commute is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to get around. This should not be about who is right or who is at fault, if all commuters can see the road from the most important aspect, everyone can make safety their first priority, and can help to save lives

Bike safety

Unsafe situations can arise when cyclists fail to remember that they fall under the same rules of the road as motorists. It is also crucial that cyclists commute in the designated bike lanes and wear protective gear that allows them to be seen more easily. Consider the following:

  • Obey red lights and stop signs

If it is necessary to use a crosswalk, bike commuters should dismount and proceed through crosswalks with pedestrian traffic. When traveling on the road and in the bike lane, they must stop at intersections along with parallel motor traffic.

  • Use hand signals

Cyclists can increase their safety by learning and using hand signals. It is critical that drivers know when a cyclist is preparing to turn or stop.

  • Stay in the flow of traffic

Today’s bikes are geared for commuting long distances in fast flowing traffic. Bicyclists that choose to travel slowly, should stay out of the normal flow of traffic. Ride safely to the right, or in a bike lane if available, is the surest way to accomplish this.

Driver safety

Drivers hold a tremendous responsibility when it comes to making sure that the roads are safe for both drivers and cyclists. Motorists should incorporate and practice the following safe driving practices:

  • Keep a look out

Before backing out of driveways, making turns, or changing lanes, scan your surroundings and the traffic carefully. Look for cyclists as well as skateboarders, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

  • Avoid aggressive behavior

Obviously, it is unsafe to bump or crowd another motor vehicle. This type of behavior is inherently dangerous when it comes to doing the same to a cyclist.

  • Respect the bike lane.

When there are dedicated lanes for bike traffic, refrain from using them to pass other vehicles. Be mindful to stay out of the bike lane when traveling through curves. Check the bike lane by scanning and looking in your mirrors when making a right hand turn. Look in the mirror for cyclists when getting out of the car, and leave all bike lanes for their intended use. Cyclists and motorists should understand that the majority of those that share the road try to do the right thing. Learn the rules of the road, and make safety your first priority. The end result will be a safer trip for everyone.

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