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Injury attorneys are closely monitoring complaints and feedback from patients who have received gel injections for the knee joint. Our knees are probably the most common joints to suffer from osteoarthritis or injury as we age. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative joint disease. It progresses over time, causing the cartilage in the joint to break down and wear away. For some individuals, this process results in chronic pain, stiffness and swelling. These symptoms can range from mild irritation to debilitating inability to walk. One of the latest medical solutions for management of the problems caused by knee osteoarthritis is with gel injections.

A new treatment available

Traditional treatment for chronic knee pain consists of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, braces, or some form of surgical intervention. Doctors have discovered that injection of a gel substance into the knee joint can help lubricate and cushion the knee joint, which will usually provide relief from pain and increase flexibility for many months. As osteoarthritis progresses, the fluid in the joint breaks down and fails to provide the necessary cushion for the knee joint. An injection of gel helps to function as, or supplements the existing synovial fluid. This is what provides pain relief and improvement of function. The hope for many patients is the delay or elimination of the need for surgical intervention.

The medical term for gel injections is “viscosupplementation.” The therapy is relatively new and increasing in popularity as a treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. There are a number of viscosupplements on the market and all of them have potential side effects of which the consumer should be aware. These side effects include minor issues such as:

  • Redness
  • Skin irritation
  • Swelling

More significant complications include:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Swelling of tongue or lips
  • Facial swelling
  • Fever
  • Difficulty swallowing

The jury is still out

Viscosupplementation is showing to provide relief in the short term for most patients. Long term relief is yet to be determined. Currently, gel injections are proving to be beneficial, but as with any medical procedure, the risks and complications must be weighed before proceeding. In addition, as with any medical procedure, the prospects of medical neglect are always an issue. If you have received gel injections and feel that you have a claim relating to a form of personal injury, knee injury, or medical treatment of an injury, contact one of the best personal injury lawyers in the Charlotte area to discuss your legal rights.

One of the best personal injury attorneys in Charlotte

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