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Do you need an injury attorney after a mishap in your office? Rarely does anyone expect to be injured while working in an office. When we think of workplace injuries, our first thoughts lead us to harsh or hazardous environments such as a construction site, a fast paced manufacturing plant, or working around dangerous chemicals. However, every year, office environments are responsible for millions of workplace injuries. Working indoors, while sitting down and talking the phone; appeals to many people as being a safe and comfortable environment. However, writing or typing on a computer is actually the very activity that is responsible for some of the most often suffered injuries. Office workers experience injuries to the back and neck, vision strains, as well as nerve pain in the hands and wrists.

Just like every other workplace, injuries occur when people make mistakes that could be avoided. When objects are left lying around, workers can trip over them. If furniture has not been well-maintained, electrical cords are frayed, and even environmental issues like poor ventilation, bad lighting, and air quality is poor; workers will find themselves in an injury situation. American workers continue to endure one of the longest work weeks, and increasing technology means that much of that time spent inside an office environment. For the average worker, knowing how to avoid office injuries has become a growing concern from injury attorney.

Be careful at work stations

An improperly positioned workstation, with a chair that does not allow you to sit with your back straight can cause long term injuries. Sit at your desk. When your hands are on the keyboard, your elbows should naturally bend at 90 degrees. It is recommended that you set your computer monitor to be at eye level in order to reduce your risk of neck and back pain. When moving through the office, be mindful of bumping into heavy objects such as desks, file cabinets, copy machines, and even other people. Beware of heavy objects such as boxes or coffee mugs when opening work cabinets, or taking objects off of shelves. Office workers should be careful not to get their fingers caught in drawers, windows, or paper cutters. It may look funny on TV commercials, but it is no fun when workers get their ties, hair, and jewelry caught in office machines.

Have you been injured at the office?

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