Car accident attorney in Charlotte, NCAccidents are increasingly common

If you have been injured in an accident, you need a car accident lawyer in order to get fair compensation for your losses. This area is growing and one of the downsides to that growth is the increase of serious and deadly car accidents on our North Carolina roads. The more you drive, the more you increase your chance of you being involved in a car accident. The latest research shows that texting and distracted drivers are just as impaired as drunk drivers are. The reality is that most drivers will be involved in three to four car accidents during their lifetime. Even with modern safety equipment on cars, there is still a 20% chance you will suffer from serious auto injuries. Consider the following list of the most common types of injuries individuals are likely to experience in a car accident:

Neck injury

The most common type of car crash injury is whiplash. This is a collective term for the injuries you suffer when your head is thrown suddenly in one direction and then in another. If you are ever involved in a rear end collision, the sudden back and forth or side-to-side, action will damage muscles and ligaments in the neck, leaving you with significant pain. In a more serious collision, the discs and joints of your spine can rupture or dislocate. The most severe neck injuries are when breaks occur in the spine or the spinal cord is ruptured. This type of injury usually results in paralysis or even death.

Brain injury

Brain injuries are almost synonymous with motor vehicle accidents. A brain injury can occur even if your head does not strike anything. When two vehicles collide, inertia can cause your brain to strike the interior wall of your skull. This can cause a concussion or internal bleeding in the brain. Brain injuries are very serious, and they usually require a long recovery period and incredible medical bills.

Back injury

Even with the use of seatbelts and air bags, the physics of an accident places an unbelievable force upon your back and spine. The momentum can slam your body against the seat belt, or sideways against the door. Just like your neck, your spine can experience debilitating injury. Because they are built the same way, the vertebrae in your back may be damaged or broken, and/or your spinal cord could be injured just as in the neck.

Compassionate car accident attorney in North Carolina

When you need a car accident attorney, you need one who offers experience, proven success, and aggressive representation. The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC has been dedicated to getting their clients the compensation they deserve since 1957. Consultations are always free, and they can help you in English or in Spanish. You will not need to worry about retainer fees because they can work on a contingent basis. The Olive Law Firm not only specializes in car accident injuries; they are also work on trucking accident cases. They have decades of experience, and the necessary resources to fight the big trucking companies. Call them today for a free consultation with a car accident lawyer.


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