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Have you been hurt?

Are you injured from a recent experience on an amusement ride? Recent studies reveal some comprehensive and surprising statistics about amusement park, carnival, and mall rides around the country. The research shows that thousands of people seek medical attention every year for injuries sustained on rides.

Amusement park season

Quite naturally, the vast majority of these injuries occur during the summer months. Over 70 percent of the yearly injuries occur between the months of May and September. This is no surprise, as summer weather and the school vacation period leads to an increase in festivals, carnivals, and longer hours at amusement parks. Although thousands of people are injured on rides every year, in reality, a very small number sustained injuries that are significant enough to require hospitalization. The rest of the injuries encompass relatively negligible injuries such as bumps, bruises, or problems that do not require widespread medical treatment or hospitalization. Researchers discovered that nearly 30 percent of the cases involve some form of soft tissue injury, with strains and sprains representing 21 percent of those injuries. Another 20 percent of riders had cuts, while another 10 percent actually received broken bones.

Small venues versus large

Researchers also studied the differences between rides that are prevalent in small venues versus rides found in amusement parks. While nearly 35 percent of the cases involved accidents sustained at amusement parks, 12 percent involved rides located in travelling carnivals, malls, and similar types of locations. Nearly 75 percent of those injured in small ride accidents were hurt in the process of trying to get on or off the ride.

Children on rides

Additionally, those on small rides, children were more likely to sustain damage to their head, neck, or face. They also experienced a much higher rate of concussions and closed head injuries. Authorities say that this is largely due to the fact that young children are more likely to fall over head first. The bottom line is that it is important that everyone take precautions to minimize the danger when enjoying rides. If you have questions on the subject of your rights when injuries are sustained from amusement park rides, contact a Personal Injury lawyer for a free consultation.

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