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If you or your loved ones are involved or injured in a chain-reaction accident, there are certain things you should know about these wild winter wrecks. As winter takes a firm grip on the southeast, icy road conditions means increased odds of being involved in a multiple-vehicle chain-reaction crash. Just this month alone, winter storms created whiteout conditions and icy roadways leading to a number of chain-reaction pileups; one that involved a total of 193 vehicles, causing the death of a truck driver and dozens of injuries. The following is a list of vital information that drivers should know about these types of wrecks:

1. Do not leave the scene
Your natural instincts will tempt you to get out of the weather and away from the chaos. However, just like any other type of car accident, you cannot leave the scene without exchanging information with drivers and talking to police. In other words, you must do everything that is required of you by state law.

2. The regular speed limit may be illegal
When the weather conditions dictate that lower speeds are necessary, if you continue to drive at the posted speed limit, you may be found legally liable for causing an accident.

3. Bad weather does not excuse negligence
Bad weather will not be an excuse for bad or reckless driving. In addition, lack of proper vehicle maintenance will still be considered negligence. Just as you are required to drive at a safe speed for the conditions, drivers also need to leave extra space between their car and other cars. In heavy snow, you are still required to drive with clear windshields and headlights. Windshield wipers must be operable, and you must use snow chains when conditions require them.

4. Take pictures
Pictures of the accident can be essential to your case in the event of a lawsuit or insurance claim. The pictures may help you prove that the accident was caused by someone else, or was due to the weather conditions at the time of the accident.

5. Talk to an auto accident attorney
There are drivers who think that they can obtain a fair settlement without the help of an auto injury attorney. However, the majority of people who go it alone end up being taken advantage of by the insurance company. Outside of law enforcement investigations, never speak to anyone about the accident until you have consulted with a car accident attorney.

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